About Us

We love music and we have a particular obsession with lyrics.  This small company had existed in our minds for many years, rooted in the idea of giving legs (or arms)  to the amazing words that artists have written, particularly the parts of a song that are less obvious - i.e. not the "hook" or the refrain. You know, those lyrics that awaken a little familiarity in your brain when you read them, but perhaps you just can't place it. 

If you’re like us,  lyrics speak to you (duh!).  They bring us back, make us laugh, inspire, challenge, give us hope, open our eyes, touch our hearts, make us think, unite, comfort, strengthen, and sometimes confuse us.  Lyric-Tees.com is dedicated to the power and wonder of words written in the songs that punctuate our lives.

All of our shirts are custom-made.  They are requested and ordered by you and people like you.  We do not pre-make any shirts.  The samples you see on our site are 100% based on requests and suggestions from customers and friends. But note that we have certain guidelines we work within in order to meet our self-imposed design parameters and our mandate to avoid copyright infringement.

Please email us with requests and suggestions for new lyrics, products, colors, or anything you'd like to tell us.  You'll note that all our shirts are short snippets.  This makes things a little more fun as people try to recall what song that line is from (can't make it too easy).  It also helps us stay legally compliant with copyright law, which is a fair and good thing for the artists.

At least 10% of our profits will be donated to charitable causes.  As of now, our focus is at-risk children, and dog rescue.  Our hope is to align with bands/artists to support their favorite causes.

We would love to hear from you.   Get in touch.