Make a Lyric suggestion

Do you love but you don't see the exact lyric you'd like?  All our shirts are custom, so feel free to make a request for a specific band or lyric and we'll make it happen, captain!  The shirts you see on our site were all requested by customers or friends just like you. 

We don't produce offensive, vulgar, hateful, racist, close-minded or mean-spirited shirts.  And yes, we get to decide.   

Also, our printed lyrics never include the name of the song - that's just our silly rule, and we like it.  And, of course, lyrics can't be too long or they won't fit properly on a shirt.  Look through our store and you'll get an idea of what length lyric fits well.

So please email us here with your suggestions.  Include band name, your specific lyric request, and the type of shirt you'd prefer (men's, women's, tank, etc).  You will not be obligated to purchase the shirt, but we will email you to let you know when it is available.

We truly appreciate your input.  It helps us to know what people want so we can continue to make better every day.